Susan grew up in Denver, Colorado under the tutelage of a large family of artists. She can’t remember the first time she held a paintbrush, but family outings involved trips to the park to watercolor. Her father, Phillip J. Steele, was a well-established figure artist, illustrator, as well as founder of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD). From a young age, Susan spent time attending her fathers collegiate classes where she garnered her passion for color,  perspective, design, and more. Susan would continue her art education at Parsons Paris and later at Colorado State University where she earned a BFA. While having a diverse upbringing and education in art Susan's more contemporary influences occurred under her instructors at RMCAD. There, under greats such as Clark Rickert, she realized the complex and sophisticated art of figure study and abstraction. Susan currently resides in Denver, Colorado  and continues to create vibrant works out of her studio in the Sante Fe Arts District. 

I love to paint and draw. For me, the creative process has always been electrifying: the splash of paint on canvas, the slash of charcoal on paper. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the contrast between light and dark, color and black, movement and stillness, silence and noise, and the complex relationships these juxtapositions inspire when we are immediately and physically confronted with them. Sometimes it's a whimsical painting and other times more of an environmental statement. My use of vivacious color, movement, and expression all play a role in conveying my perception of our surroundings. The beauty of the unrecognized moment, when our human spirit connects with the phenomenal world around us, is an essential element of my art.